Other relevant projects or initiatives

ACTIVAGE – ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well

AEGLE Project – Pioneering Healthcare Future

BACKUP project – Personalised Prognostic Models to Improve Well-Being and Return to Work After Neck or Low Back Pain

CAPTAIN –  Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface

COUCH – “Council of Coaches (COUCH) introduces a radically new virtual coaching concept based on multiple autonomous, embodied virtual coaches, which form together a personal council that fulfills the needs of older adults in an integrated way”

eHealth Hub– “eHealth Hub’s goal is to provide high-quality, vertically-focused and business-oriented services tailored to the needs of European eHealth SMEs and stakeholders, and to secure their continuation after the project end via a sustainable support structure.”

Empathic Project – Empathic, Expressive, Advanced Virtual Coach to Improve Independent Healthy-Life-Years of the Elderly

HOLOBALANCE – HOLOgrams for personalised virtual coaching and motivation in an ageing population with BALANCE disorders.

NESTORE – Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities

MASSTRPLAN – MASS spectrometry TRaining network for Protein Lipid adduct ANalysis

OnaLabs Healthcare – Non-invasive smart wearable solution for continuous monitoring of physiological parameters and biomarkers for chronic patientswith cardiac and respiratory diseases from the neonate to the elderly

Precise4Q – Personalised Medicine by Predictive Modelling in Stroke for better Quality of Life

SAAM – Supporting Active Ageing Through Multimodal Coaching

SYMBIOTE – Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments

vCare – Virtual Coaching Activities for Rehabilitation in Elderly

WellCo project – ‘a radical new ICT-based solution to help and encourage the adoption of healthier behaviour choices to help maintain or improve the user’s physical cognitive, mental and social well-being for as long as possible.’


Relevant institutions

AAL – Active and Assisted Living Programme: ICT for ageing well

AIOTI – Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation

Horizon 2020 Programme – European Commission


Relevant documents

Report “EU-China Joint White Paper on the Internet of Things” 

European Commission communication – April 25, 2018- ‘Enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market; empowering citizens and building a healthier society