Fudan University

Fudan University was established in 1905 and is among the top 3 in China. The School of Information Science and Technology has strong expertise in patient monitoring, sensor technologies, healthcare device design, medical signal processing, IC and embedded systems. Prof. Chen’s group has carried out successful research in the multidisciplinary areas of wireless sensor systems, unobtrusive patient monitoring, and ambient intelligent system design. For example, they have proposed, developed and clinically tested many innovative unobtrusive wireless sensor based health monitoring systems, such as a smart sensor rehabilitation garment, physiological signal processing for emotion detection, home monitoring of cardiovascular patients, an interactive audio and visual feedback system for medical training, and context-aware sensing. The group of prof. Wei Chen has access to facilities for real-life monitoring and user studies of volunteers and patients. The group is already present in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and has expertise in the remote monitoring of elderly people. Their current research revolves around the remote monitoring of health parameters. Furthermore, they have experience with and contacts in product design and several of their prototypes have matured into devices that are ready to be marketed and/or actively used in practice. The International Students office will give orientation and assistance as to accommodation and administrative/VISA offices.


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