Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd (Philips Research China)

Philips Research China located in Shanghai is an integral part of Philips’ international Research organization (it is the R&D department of Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd) and has extensive collaborations with Philips’ labs across the world. Philips Research China will be hosting respective ESRs for parts of their PhD work that is carried out in China. Currently Philips Research China has around 90 research and development staff mainly working in two areas: Health Systems and Personal Health.

The Health Systems department focuses on a broad range of technologies and applications targeting both professional and personal healthcare markets. The innovation focus is: Imaging Systems & Clinical Applications, Intelligent Clinical IT Solutions & Services, Patient Monitoring and Chronic Disease Management.

The Personal Health department aims at creating innovative solutions that serve consumers’ needs and fuel sustainable business growth both in China and in the global market. The research areas include: respiratory health through air sensing and control, nutritional health through kitchen appliances, population health for the Chinese and locally relevant innovation in Asia.


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