Individual Research Projects

Each HEART young researcher will conduct their own individual research project, working in synergy with the other ones, acting as an integrated and complementary expertize group. HEART is inspired by the perspective of technical innovation totally integrated with SSH innovation: IoT innovation is driven by consumer needs, embedding legal issues, and with the aim to enhance European firms competitiveness for an effective and lasting market penetration in China.

The individual research projects are:

  1. Health Behaviour Analytics on Heterogeneous Data, aiming to: a) Activity recognition and detection of critical situations; b) Data-driven recognition of health – profiles / Relation between activities and health parameters.
  2. Scalability of Data Analytics, aiming to develop: a) an active learning approach for transfer-based activity recognition with a high classification accuracy that allows to go from a general classification approach to a person specific classification approach; b) an online and active transfer-based activity recognition approach.
  3. Scalability of Data Processing, aiming to: a) Real-time and energy efficient in-network data analysis in resource constrained systems (e.g. sensor networks); b) Privacy preserving and data protection issues related to remote monitoring, data gathering and data analytics.
  4. Privacy and security analytics, aiming to: a) Security and privacy threat assessment of the proposed end-to-end software architecture for remote monitoring, data gathering and data analytics; b) Privacy by design: enhancing the proposed software architecture from a security/privacy perspective by addressing data sharing scenarios and data processing on wearables and/or on cloud.
  5. Privacy by design and by research. The legal issues from conceptualization to commercialization, aiming to: a) New corporate data protection standards for the production of IoT health products and services in Europe and China; b) New protocols of privacy by design and by research in the commercialization of IoT health products and services.
  6. Understanding China: from customers’ needs to market penetration, aiming to: a) Compare and contrast customer perspective in Europe and China; b) Define the right approach to tackle the Chinese market; c) Define foresight scenario for implementation and market development of innovation.


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