Training Objectives

HEART will offer the 6 PhD students an ambitious and innovative training programme, combining excellent research skills with strong international business attitude, inspiring to innovation-oriented mind-sets.

The young researchers will develop a completely new profile, based on a strong interdisciplinary attitude, integrating technical skills, socio-economic sciences’ perspectives, creativity and entrepreneurial allure.

Through long secondments at Chinese institutions and at Philips Research China, they will also acquire strong intercultural teamwork capabilities and ability to cooperate in the EU-China framework for business.

HEART training aims to:

  • enhance the attractiveness of careers in health monitoring systems through advanced and interdisciplinary training from leading European and Chinese institutions.
  • provide future academic, industrial and public sector employers with researchers that have broad skill sets, given by a genuine interaction across disciplines, by a remarkable exposure to an international environmental (China) and by a significant experience in private sector R&D.
  • develop researchers with proven ability to transform new knowledge into services and products useful to face current and future challenges.
  • to develop researchers able to share their output and outcomes with the wider academic and stakeholders community, according to an Open Science approach.

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