Koustabh Dolui

Koustabh Dolui a 4th year PhD student at the imec-DistriNet research group in KU Leuven, Belgium and an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in MSCA project Health Related Activity Recognition System based on Internet of Things (HEART). His research is focused on context-aware and adaptive offloading of software from cloud towards edge devices. In particular, he has worked on applying distributed machine learning to recommender systems, regression based prediction modelling and food image recognition datasets in the context of the HEART project. He has also developed an adaptive modular software deployment framework to distribute machine learning inference on the edge-cloud continuum. Previously, he has worked in Fondazione Bruno Kessler on the AGILE H2020 project on modular gateway software development for IoT applications. He is interested in working on distributed deployment of ML/AI applications and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) research.

Koustabh Dolui presentation Video

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