Nuoya Chen

Nuoya Chen is an economist by training. She focuses on business model and marketing strategy analysis for the internet of healthcare things system. She analyzed how AI can solve unmet needs in the healthcare systems in China and in Europe, and how to implement telehealth solutions with stakeholder power mapping and user preference analysis. During the three years, Nuoya spent 18 months in Philips Research Eindhoven and Philips Research China as a visiting researcher as well as time in University of China Academy of China, KU Leuven, Bremen University. She received intensive training on project management, interdisciplinary work, data protection and GDPR, and value proposition during the PhD.

She has a master’s degree in international finance, banking and regulation from University of Paris and another master’s degree in commerce from University of Witwatersrand.

Nuoya Chen is looking for a role as a research scientist in R&D department, or investment analyst role in the venture development of a large tech firm. Alternatively, considering my background in finance, she wish to join a venture capital or a private equity firm as an investment analyst for med-tech and bio-science sector.

Nuoya Chen presentation Video

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