Yuan LI

Yuan LI works as the industrial doctoral student within the HEART project, co-supervised by University of Macerata and Philips Research Eindhoven. Her research topic focuses on data protection compliance for enterprises. She conducted a comparative study of data protection and personal information security rules and policies between the EU, China, and the U.S., with deep analysis of the GDPR, HIPAA, and China’s Cybersecurity Law.

Yuan LI holds the degrees of B.Eng. in Telecommunication and M.Sc. in Intellectual Property Management. In 2016 Yuan obtained her LL.M. degree in Intellectual Property and Competition Law at the  Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, Germany, with a dissertation on standard essential patent licensing. Before starting the PhD project with HEART, Yuan gained international professional experience working in patent prosecution and litigation, technology transfer in the Telecommunication sector. Yuan is also a qualified patent attorney in China. Her areas of interest are data protection law, patent law and competition law.

Yuan LI presentation Video


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