Oleksandr Tomashchuk

Tomashchuk Oleksandr is a Marie Curie Fellow currently pursuing his PhD at Philips Research and KU Leuven. In the frame of his research he actively contributes to H2020 HEART project as an Early Stage Researcher. Previously, Oleksandr  worked as a Security Researcher at Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH and contributed to EU security-related projects like ALFA (alfa-h2020.eu) and SAFURE (safure.eu). In all the mentioned projects, he focused on the security and privacy aspects. More concretely, Oleksandr  works on design of secure architectures, as well as on exploration and development of cutting-edge privacy and security building blocks for IoT. Additionally, his current research covers investigation on security and privacy threat assessment techniques, and identification of irregular, undesired and/or prohibited system behavior.